About Us

  • Meet The Team

    We are Jamie, Sam & Bracken

    Two of us are passionate about being outside & natural dog treats. One of us is passionate about being outside & eating all of the treats, we'll let you guess who’s who.

    Bracken is our 2nd dog & she’s a real character who some of you may have seen if you found Three Peaks Naturals through her Instagram page which is @foxredbracken. Her ears are never both doing the same thing & she spends most of her time with the zoomies.

    We fell into the trap with our first dog Amber of feeding her rawhide & other treats that are just not good for your dogs health. After researching ready for the arrival of Bracken we were shocked to find out about the products & the processing methods used for treats we had previously bought and wanted to make sure we were buying what was best for Bracken.

    Best for Bracken is healthy, 100% natural treats that promote numerous benefits such as dental hygiene, joint health plus many more, & with that Three Peaks Naturals was born.

  • Our Brand

    Adventure is at the heart of Three Peaks Naturals. We absolutely love being outside exploring & discovering new places with Bracken.

    We want to build a community of like minded people who are also passionate about feeding their dogs healthy treats but also love to be out exploring.

    As dog owners, natural treat buyers & people that are always out on adventures, we believe we know what’s important to people when looking and buying these products. We want to supply great products at a competitive price, quick service & a personal touch all whilst being kind to our environment. This is why all our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable & our products are sustainable & eco friendly where possible.

    We started off with just natural treats but we have started to make some of our many ideas into reality such as our Adventure Chewbs. We have so many ideas and dreams of where we want to take our brand and we’d love you to join us on our journey.

    Please send us a message to say
    hello and tag us in your pictures out exploring with your dogs, we absolutely love to see them.

    Most important of all don’t forget to pack your Adventure Chewb & a super tasty healthy treat to enjoy on the way.